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Patric Doonan

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Derby, England, UK
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Patric Doonan (b. 18 April 1925, Derby, Derbyshire - d. 10 March 1958, London) was a British stage and screen actor. He featured in films of the time as The Blue Lamp, Train of Events and The Cockleshell Heroes but never played the leads. He was the son of comedian George Doonan and brother of fellow actor Tony Doonan. In 1956 he appeared in "The Mousetrap" at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. He committed suicide by gas in 1958. At the time he was engaged to marry actress Ann Firbank, despite the fact that he was already married to actress Aud Johansen. In 1994 the singer Morrissey referenced Doonan in the song 'Now My Heart Is Full'.